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Uncle Sam Bank

A couple of months ago when I was visiting my son, I spent some time with my grandson who was doing his American history homework. In the book, there was a picture of a bank I used to have when I was a kid. It was in the form of a statue of Uncle Sam. You put a coin in his hand and when you pushed the button, the coin dropped into a bank bag and into the bottom of the bank. I told my grandson that I had that bank when I was a child, but it got lost somewhere along the way. We thought it could be worth a lot of money at this point. He looked it up online and we found that they are still sold new. Today I got a package in the mail for my birthday. It was the Uncle Sam bank. My grandson told his parents my story and they sent one to me as a gift. It was so thoughtful. And it was so funny. I have been smiling ever since.

I Found God today in my thoughtful grandson.

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