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Intervening Couple

The Parkinson’s Caregiver Support Group is made up of wonderful people who do their best to take care of their loved ones. Most everyone can relate to the stories that are told around the table. Today a woman talked about when she and her husband went out for their usual walk. She was not quite sure what happened, but she was unable to catch her husband as he lost his balance and fell. He was a little banged up, but she was able to get him off the ground. Off course, they were the furthest away from their home as they could get. She found him a place to sit down and wait while she walked back to their house to get the car. But while she was gone, he realized he had lost a lens from his glasses and went to go look for it. He was still shook up and unfortunately fell again. This time, a couple who was out for a walk came upon him. They helped him get up to sitting again and made sure that he was OK. The woman said how grateful she was that the couple was there, intervened, and helped him.

I Found God today in a story of a couple who got involved.

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