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Face to Face

My mom made it back to exercise class after 4 weeks recovering from painful sciatica and bursitis. When we arrived, there were some noticeable changes. One of the college students is pregnant and due to give birth in about 2 weeks. I think her baby doubled in size while we were away as her tiny frame enhanced the size of her basketball shaped belly. But the most noticeable change was almost miraculous. One of the ladies in the class had such stooped posture with her neck and head bent over so far that if you wanted to talk to her face to face, you had to crouch down. When we saw her today she was almost completely upright. It was amazing. She was just beaming as she told us how much work she was doing with the teachers of the class. We told her how awesome it was to see such improvement and to see her beautiful face. She is such a source of encouragement.

I Found God today in an amazing improvement for a persistent woman.

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