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Shoveling Snow

We got a few inches of snow last night. But evidently not enough for the snow plows to come into our complex and clear the driveways and road. So, I got out early and started at it. I cleared about half the area in front of our garage when a young man with a larger snow shovel showed up. He was on his way to shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk. He stopped and looked at me. I stopped and said hello. He responded and I could see he was struggling with what to do. Evidently he worked with the contracted company to shovel the sidewalks. He asked if I would like some help and I was happy to accept. It took him only a few swipes to make good progress. He said he knew the people in the complex and was happy to help, but that his boss would not be happy if he knew that he was shoveling the roadway too. Our sidewalk was already cleared, so I figured it was OK if spent the time helping me on the driveway. In any case, he worked on it for about 3 minutes and had it almost completely done. I was very grateful.

I Found God today in a helpful young man.

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