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Welcome to the USA

I love listening to the stories and experiences that people have. I find it fascinating that we as people are so much the same, yet so diverse. We got together with our neighbors this afternoon and heard about how the wife was in the Air Force for a brief period of time. She worked at a military airport during the Vietnam war. On one end of the travel, she saw officers and soldiers who were on their way to fight. She helped them get organized and on the correct planes. On the other end, she greeted planes landing at the airport. She said there was no feeling like that of being able to say to a plane load of enlisted men, “Welcome to the United States of America.” There was a lot of cheering, hat throwing, and kissing the ground as they deplaned. Even though it was inappropriate, several men hugged her, gave her token gifts, and even kissed her in their elation. She had to keep telling them they weren’t allowed to do so, but there were those who were overwhelmed by their emotion. Our friend said it was one of the most rewarding experiences she has ever had.

I Found God today hearing the joy of men returning from war.

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