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Crossing the Bridge

A couple of years ago, my sisters and I went on a hike. A couple of years before that, my sister had broken her leg. This hike was the first one she had done and promised to be a good test. She did pretty good, but was very careful on the more precarious spots of the trail. At one point we reached a boulder bridge to cross the stream. They were like giant stepping stones positioned just far apart enough for a decent jump. Luckily, my sister was able to rely on the help of some very kind strangers to help her across. Today, we went back on that same hike. Early on, my sister was worried about the boulder bridge. I assured her that if she didn’t feel that she could make it, we would just turn around and go back the same way. On the trail, we came across some icy patches where the snow had not melted yet. She did great. She even jumped down some of the higher places. Then we arrived at the boulder bridge. My sister wasn’t sure about trying it and gave it some thought. There were people struggling across, others contemplating it, and still others who simply turned around. The hardest part looked like getting on the first rock and making the first jump. One man coming from the other direction came over the first rock kind of in a climbing stance. I tried it to position myself at the end of the rock so I would be balanced and ready for the first jump. I showed my sister how I did it and had faith that she could too. I made the jump to the second rock. My sister was ready to try. She used the same technique and got herself positioned. I was ready to try to help stabilize her after the jump, even though I was pretty sure we would both end up in the water. In any case, she did it beautifully. The rest of the boulder bridge was easy enough after that. Once we reached the other side, we celebrated. My sister felt very accomplished and I felt very proud of her as well for facing her fears and doing it well. She literally crossed that bridge when she came to it.

I Found God today as my sister conquered a fear.

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