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Praying Like an Angel

Today in church, a woman whom I had met before and her young son came and sat at the end of our row. After I received Communion, I headed back to my seat. The woman was behind me, but her son had already made his way back into the row. He was kneeling with his hands clasped, eyes closed, and head bowed in prayer. Unfortunately, I was unable to get by him to get back to my seat, but I didn’t want to disturb him. His mom caught up to me and I told her he looked like a little angel and I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt. She smiled and said that he was actually doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing. She whispered his name. He opened his eyes and sat back so his mom and I could get back to our seats. Once we passed, he resumed his posture and went right back into prayer. It was a precious sight.

I Found God today in an angelic boy.

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