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The Old Sewing Machine

The other day, my mom and dad spent quite some time getting my mom’s old sewing machine back up and running. My mother used to be quite the seamstress. She made all of our clothes when we were kids and made her’s as well. She even took new classes when they were available. The old machine worked for a bit, but then there was a problem with the needle. They had enough, so set the project aside for the time being. My mom got back at it today. She changed the needle and got it working again. This time, she was struggling trying to get the bobbin in place. She told me that using the machine was so automatic at one time. Now she had to think about what to do. My dad went in to see if he could help her out. She was explaining to him how she used to just hold it here and push like this – – the bobbin popped right in. I think some of the automatic kicked in.

I Found God today as my mom worked her old sewing machine.

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