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Signed Up for the Trip

For the past month or so, my brother has been talking about potentially going to Mexico for part of the winter. A couple of weeks ago, he found that a group of RV people were planning a caravan type trip in the same area that he wanted to go and about the same time. He excitedly waited for the day to sign up for the trip. He wasn’t sure exactly what time the sign up opened online, so that morning he called the contact person. She told him that it would open at noon, but that he had to have a membership in order to register. She said she could take care of that over the phone, otherwise it could take a couple of days to have it completed. My brother subscribed to the group and as he finished, the online registration opened up for the trip. He was able to get right on and sign up. He found out later that the trip was completely booked in 1 hour. I told him that it seemed God had really stepped up and worked it all out for him. He agreed.

I Found God today in perfect timing for my brother to sign up for a trip.

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