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God Broke My Hip

My mother had physical therapy today. It was super hot out again, so I dropped her at the door and parked out under a tree that would provide at least a little shade. After her appointment, I went to retrieve the car while she sat on a bench just inside the door next to another woman waiting for her ride. My mom got to chatting with the woman who said she recently broke her hip. This was the first broken bone she ever had. She said she doesn’t tell people, “I broke my hip,” but rather, “God broke my hip.” Strange. But she went on to explain that she has learned so much about God since the incident. God allowed it to happen so she could know Him better. My mom said she probably would have heard more of the story, but I drove up. To me, the woman had a pretty incredible outlook and understanding of her circumstances.

I Found God today in a positive outlook.

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