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Best Therapist Ever

During the past 3 years, my mom has been to physical therapy for various reasons. Whenever she has hurt something or is recovering from an illness, we go back to the same therapist. She truly is amazing. We say she has magic hands as she knows exactly how to manipulate the area that gives my mom problems. We joke that we would like to have her live with us, though we probably really mean it deep down inside. Today she watched my mom walk and told her why she thought her back was hurting. She tested her theory with my mom on the treadmill. She did seem to be correct. When my mom thought about walking the way her therapist instructed, her chronic back pain was nonexistent. She always encourages my mom who does more than she thinks she can. We have fun conversations and laugh a lot as well. To top things off, today a man came around with snacks for the employees. The therapist gave hers to my mom. It was a giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. My mom enjoyed it tremendously.

I Found God today in my mom’s amazing physical therapist.

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