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Mingling With Elk

My sister and I took a day off today and headed for the mountains. We had a loose plan as to where we wanted to go when we started out. As we drove higher and higher, the colors of the changing leaves became more abundant. We stopped in several spots to take in the amazing view and to take some pictures. While there were a lot of people, it wasn’t overly crowded and those we met were super friendly. At one point we decided to take an alternate route that was off the beaten path. A short while later, we spotted a herd of elk at a park. We found the entrance and a parking space and spent the next 2 hours watching the herd and taking pictures. There was one large male bull that was in charge of the group. He and a couple of younger males who were on the other side – actually in a golf course – would bugle to each other. I couldn’t believe how close they were to all the people. Some of the people were oblivious as to what behavior to watch for. But at the same time, the elk would mingle where the people were. They weren’t too fearful or bothered. It was an amazing day and I was grateful that my brother stayed at the house so I could enjoy.

I Found God today in the beauty of nature.

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