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In my Bible class, we have been reading about the life of Jesus Christ. Most recently, we have looked at the hypocrisy of the majority of the Pharisees. They were intent on making rules upon rules for the Jewish people to follow. Yet, when God was present among them, they couldn’t wait to be rid of Him. In reality, they were most concerned about their own power than the were for the salvation of the souls they were leading. The discussion in my small group tonight led to our own personal hypocrisy. I am not a perfect person – it is impossible. Yet, I try to follow God because I know that He loves me most and has my best interest always in His heart. My relationship with Him is the key to peace, love, and joy. I tell people about Him. I write a blog about Him. Yet, my own actions don’t always reflect Him. Again – that is because I am merely an imperfect human. We talked about this problem in my small group and came up with basically one solution – humility. We need to face our downfalls honestly and openly. It is important to apologize or make things right if we can. And we should take the issue to the Sacrament of Confession to get it out, be forgiven, and move on. It was a great conversation and reminded me how important it is to be humble.

I Found Got today in a lesson on how to deal with hypocrisy.

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