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New Perspective

My dad has about 2 weeks left to go in the rehab facility and let’s just say he’s not thrilled about it. He has made amazing progress during the past week and the therapists feel confident that they can help him get to a higher level. We see both physical and mental improvement each day. The therapists, doctor, and nurses explain that they want him to go home safe and strong. But my dad just wants to go home, which I completely understand. We were able to have a little heart to heart talk today as I told him how far he has already come and less than 2 weeks ago, we couldn’t even get him to wake up. He wanted to know more about that, so I slowly recounted the events of the past 2 weeks. He listened carefully and asked questions. He didn’t remember most of that time and didn’t realize that he was in such a bad way. At lunch we sat in the dining room. Another man was there who had his leg amputated. We met him before and he likes to talk to whoever will listen. He said they added another week onto his stay and wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. I told him my dad can understand that. He said he has been in many hospitals and rehabs and that this place was the best – the staff is great and so attentive. He said he knows you need to take advantage of the therapy you get while you’re in there as when you get home, you’re basically on your own. My dad smiled and shook his head. With all he heard today, he said he now had a different perspective on the whole thing.

I Found God today in a new perspective.

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