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Ditched the Walker

My dad was prepared to question the physical therapist when he arrived this morning. He wondered when he would be back to “normal”. The therapist asked what he meant by that. Specifically, my dad was asking how long he would have to use the walker. The therapist helped my dad use a cane the last time he was here, but my dad felt very uncomfortable with it. Since then, my dad has occasionally left his walker behind and walked short distances. Today, the therapist strapped some leg weights on my dad and did a few exercises. He then put the gait belt on him and encouraged him to try walking around without the walker. My dad took off. With the leg weights still on, he walked all around the upstairs, then walked downstairs, took a little rest and walked back up the stairs. The therapist was astonished, along with my mom and I. My dad’s continuing progress is such a blessing to witness.

I Found God today in another milestone in my dad’s recovery.

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