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Finishing Lent

As we watched the Easter Sunday Mass this morning, I thought about how we had celebrated Holy Week. I think that praying with Pope Francis last week really set the tone. We watched Masses celebrated with the Pope, our own pastor at our parish, and from my previous parish where I used to live. Each had a different feel and a different message. With Pope Francis, I felt like I was celebrating with the global church. I saw him lead by example as he only had a few people there all spaced 6′ apart or so. His words were of hope and trust that we are not alone. When I watched the pastor from our current parish, it was very familiar and comfortable. He also spoke of hope and trust. Listening to my previous pastor was especially uplifting to me. He reflected on humility. As suggested by our pastor, we set out a table to be our home altar. On Palm Sunday, we place some old palms on it. On Holy Thursday we added a dish of water. Good Friday we placed a small crucifix that we used for veneration. Yesterday we put a small candle on the altar and lit it. Today we brought over the potted Easter Lily. During the Easter liturgy, I noticed that our small altar seemed to blend into the large one on the screen. So, while I realize my efforts during Lent were less than stellar, I did my best to finish strong.

I Found God today in all the different ways we were able to celebrate Holy Week and Easter.

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