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New Uniform

My dad and I went out and about today. The first stop was to get his hearing aids adjusted. We both put on our masks before entering the building. Thankfully, there were not too many people in the facility so we didn’t worry about sharing elevator space. A man asked the screening questions and took our temperatures before we entered the office. He was telling another gentleman that he needed to have some kind of face covering to go in, but he didn’t seem to have anything. Eventually, he came in wearing a mask. I supposed the office gave him one. There were not many people inside the office either so seating was not an issue. The doctor fixed up the hearing aids in no time and we were on our way to pick up an order. As we waited in the car, we watched people coming and going. There was a young man not wearing a mask and touching his face constantly. We saw a dad who was wearing a mask, but his 2 boys were not. A woman came out of a building with a mask on, took it off to smoke a cigarette, and put it back on when she was done. Many people got out of their cars with their mask on to pick up their orders that were outside, but a few did not. It was interesting just watching what others were doing. Even though it is strange and different to think about, I was glad that my dad and I were as prepared as could be. My dad said the face masks are just part of the new uniform now.

I Found God today being prepared to go out.

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