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Virtual Memorial Day

As with everything else these days, Memorial Day was different. We heard that bugler’s were encouraged to play Taps at 3:00 in the afternoon. There was also a flyover to honor the fallen heroes and the current heroes such as first responders and medical workers. Of course many people went out and about and had the traditional BBQ. My son usually has a get together and my other son has made it a practice to fly out and visit. That didn’t happen, but my son was able to enjoy social distancing time with his wife’s family and have most of the usual activities. Here, we had a pretend BBQ as we don’t own an outdoor grill. I made shish-kabobs on the electric grill, faux-tato salad made with cauliflower, a beautiful salad with fresh veggies from my sister’s garden, and s’mores made in the microwave. We did our best to celebrate yet another virtual holiday.

I Found God today still celebrating Memorial Day.

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