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New Normal Sunday

My sister and son came over this morning and we all visited on the front porch with coffee and treats while social distancing. The weather was perfect before the rainstorm moved in – not too hot or too cold. It was nice to see them face to face. In the afternoon, we went to Mass – downstairs in front of the TV. We watched the priest that I know from the east coast. He is our go-to at this point as we all can hear and understand him and we always appreciate his message. Today one of the things he talked about is our place in the liturgical year. We have been celebrating the Easter season and now the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. Now we look forward to Pentecost next weekend. Even though we may have already been Confirmed in the Catholic faith, Pentecost is an opportunity to be open to receive a much needed “boost” from the Holy Spirit. I liked that there is always hope for me, always a way I can become closer to God. In the evening, my brother called Facetime from Yellowstone. He arrived there today and is excited about starting his job there for the summer. We basically had a “new normal” Sunday – visiting on the porch and via Facetime and going to church downstairs. And it was all good.

I Found God today living a “normal” Sunday.

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