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Trust for the Good

Today I was talking with a friend about yesterday’s theme of harmful fear. We talked about how trusting in God’s love and goodness is the antidote to fear. That, of course, is easier said than done. But she said something else that to me was profound and that I would like to try to remember. Trust is not thinking that everything will be “fine”, but knowing that going through potential pain or difficulties will still bring about God’s plan, which is always for the good. One example that we talk about often here is the timing of my dad’s stroke. It was a horrible thing for him and all of us to go through. But, we are grateful it happened when it did instead of just a few short weeks later. As it was, my dad was able to complete his physical therapy and was well on his way to recovery before the COVID-19 virus changed everything. I cannot even imagine him going through that ordeal without being in contact with anyone in the family.

I Found God today in a reminder to trust.

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