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Harmful Fear

A family friend used to come over once a week and play piano with my mom. Then we would go to lunch. We haven’t seen her in 3 months. But everyone felt comfortable enough to invite her over today. We all started with our masks on. However, it wasn’t long before it became frustrating for my dad to understand what was being said. My mom had a difficult time speaking loudly enough through the mask and kept pulling it up over her nose. We finally just gave up and all took off our masks so we could visit freely. In our conversation, my parents and friend talked about the difficulties they all have survived thus far – polio, german measles, world wars, tuberculosis, etc. I talked about my fears in regards to the corona virus and trying to keep my parents safe and sound – always. In some ways that can cause more stress than is necessary. My dad said that he’s not particularly afraid. He said he’s 90 years old and has lived a good life and that something will take him at some point. My mother agreed, though she is more fearful than my dad. In the afternoon I joined in a virtual caregiver group. We also talked about fear. One person responded that fear in itself is harmful and can cause major health issues. Then tonight I met with my prayer group. When I opened the scripture, there were the words from Jesus, “Do Not Be Afraid . . .” I got the message and was grateful for the reminder how much God loves me and my parents.

I Found God today in a reminder not to be afraid.

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