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Grandson Grandfather Outing

The last time my dad got a haircut was shortly after he came home from rehab recovering from the stroke. It was super long by that time and he was so happy to have it done. Now, since the pandemic, we have all had to wait again. His hair grew long once more and we have been waiting for an opportune time to have it cut. I was thrilled that my son offered to take my dad to the barber. I called yesterday and they reported that things had slowed down since the initial surge right after re-opening. That sounded promising. My dad and son decided today would be a good day to go. Everyone donned their face-mask as my son came to get him in his over-sized pick-up truck. Things went very well and very quick. My dad came home clean cut and even had his eyebrows trimmed. He said he enjoyed his time with my son. I was happy about the outing on so many levels.

I Found God today in my caring son and happy father.

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