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New Deacon

I have had the privilege of getting to know a gentleman who was in my biblical class small group for 2 years. I wasn’t too surprised when he told me he was also studying to become a deacon. He is a very kind, gentle, patient and humble person. He was ordained a deacon a couple of months ago. Last week I found out that he was assigned to our home parish along with another new deacon and 2 priests who are also new to the parish. Although we haven’t been attending Mass in the church at this time, we still watch online and do our best to keep up with what is going on. Today we watched the Installation Mass of our new pastor. The bishop was there, both priests, the 2 new deacons along with the 3 who were already serving the parish, and several altar servers. While I did cringe a little at the lack of “social distancing”, the celebration was beautiful. It was particularly special to see my friend on the altar and reading the Gospel. I know he will be a particular blessing in the Church.

I Found God today seeing and praying for my friend who recently became a deacon.

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