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Helping Chippy

We were up at the cabin today. We put the bird feeders out on the deck as usual. Once the birds started feasting, the chipmunks arrived to clean up the floor. My dad then realized there was no water for them. The water dish he usually used had been moved to below the deck while work was being done. He retrieved the dish, filled it with water, and placed it on the stand. It didn’t take long for the chipmunks to find it. But it seemed to high for them to reach. Then my dad remembered that there was a piece of wood or something for them to climb on previously. He fashioned two options for them to use and sprinkled seeds on them to entice the chippies. After a bit, one chipmunk showed up and started stuffing his cheeks. Then another, smaller one joined in. They followed the seed trail up the ramp to the edge of the water dish. They seemed so grateful to us, that they climbed on the screen door trying to get in to thank us properly. We had a lot of fun watching their antics.

I Found God today interacting with and being entertained by chipmunks.

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