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Play By Play

Today was my brother’s birthday. He is living in his trailer with his dog and working in a national park for the summer, so we thought we would send him a care package with things that would be used up. I had fun picking out small items and wrapping them in tissue paper to enhance the surprise. He tried calling Facetime tonight, but unfortunately he wasn’t getting good enough internet service. We talked the old fashioned way on the speaker phone so we could all hear. My brother described everything that he did starting with, “I’m going to get the scissors to open the box.” It almost made it more interesting as I had to imagine what he was doing and try to remember all the things I packed. He said that his dog was very excited and thought there had to be something in there for her too. She is on a strict diet, so I didn’t actually send anything for her – except the always needed poop bags. My brother enjoyed opening all the snacks, drink mixes, paper goods, and homemade cookies. We even sent a small puzzle. He seemed to have fun and we enjoyed the play by play.

I Found God today hearing the enjoyment from my brother on his birthday.

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