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Masks Do Help

About 10 days ago, my brother found out that a couple who he works with contracted coronavirus. Working in a store, they all come in contact with hundreds of people every day. Of course, there is a mask policy. However, the man who caught the virus wore a mask similar to a bandana that was loose and open at the bottom. The woman wore a full covering face mask and caught the virus since she lived with the man. Unfortunately, the couple had to be hospitalized and the man is still struggling. My brother said that he worked very closely with the woman much of the time. He has always worn one of the face masks that my friend made him and said he was also vigilant about good personal hygiene. When his work discovered that the couple had tested positive for the virus, everyone who had been in close contact with them were quarantined for 2 weeks from the exposure. That included my brother. We talked with him often. We prayed for him and for the healing of the couple. Today was my brother’s last day of quarantine and he never felt ill. He has also taken a couple of coronavirus tests that have come back negative. With all the debate about mask wearing, this situation clearly shows that wearing a good mask and being vigilant about hygiene does make a difference. I am very grateful that my brother did what was recommended and necessary for his health and that he is still well.

I Found God today as my brother did not get the coronavirus after an exposure.

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