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Girls Nail Party

Today was girls day. A few months ago, my daughter in law hosted a party where you could purchase Color Street press on nail polish. I bought a few sets and planned on getting together with my sisters to put them on. Since then, there has been a lot going on. One sister was getting ready to move. The other one worked in her garden every day. My mom did her part by letting her nails grow instead of cutting them off. Finally, the move was done and the garden was put to bed for the winter. My sisters were here today for the big nail party. We got on Zoom with my daughter in law and granddaughter. They walked us through the process. My daughter in law gave us instructions and my granddaughter was the model. It was pretty easy and super fun to connect with everyone this way. Now we’re all enjoying a little extra pizazz as we do our normal activities.

I Found God today enjoying girls day.

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