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Mid Pandemic Quarantine Surprise

We got a “mid-pandemic-quarantine” surprise package from my brother yesterday. It was a blu-ray player and some movies. My dad and I worked on getting it set up today. When we came to the place where we weren’t sure what to do next, my dad called my brother on Facetime. He was able to walk us through the rest of the set-up. Then my dad set him on a chair while we put in The Wizard of Oz. We watched while the scenery changed from black and white to color and ooohed and aaahed at the amazing picture. We thanked my brother profusely. Then we put on one of my dad’s favorite movies – The Martian with Matt Damon who just happens to by his 7th cousin twice removed. It was cool and cloudy outside, so a good day to stay in and watch a movie. My dad in particular really enjoyed it.

I Found God today in a thoughtful gift from my brother.

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