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Generous Friend, Grateful Stranger

I was so happy to visit with a friend today. She told me a story of a man who showed up on her doorstep one afternoon. He looked haggard and worn. He said he had noticed all the leaves in her front yard and offered to clean them up. The man said that his hours had been cut at work and he was struggling to make ends meet. His car was in the shop and he didn’t quite have enough money to pick it up, so he was going through the neighborhood looking for work to earn what he needed. My friend and I have talked before about giving to people who are begging on street corners and such. She prays that God will let her know who she should share her money with. In the end, we are only responsible to do what God is asking us to do, and the recipient is responsible for what they do with it. My friend’s heart stirred as she listened to the man and she agreed to pay him for his work. When he had finished raking and bagging all the leaves, they chatted a bit. The man showed my friend photos of his kids and told her where he lived. He said he had been going door to door for 3 hours praying that someone would help him. He was so grateful to my friend as he left with a God Bless You. The interaction was a beautiful reminder of our responsibility to help people in need.

I Found God today in my generous friend and a grateful stranger.

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