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The Coffee Tree

When my sister was a child, she seemed pretty interested in plants. So, my mom bought her a plant cart and accessories for her birthday one year. Little did she realize that she would one day have her own large garden that she cultivates and sells the produce. My sister also worked for Starbucks for many years. During that time, she got a small coffee tree. She has been protecting it and nurturing it as it grew to the ceiling. When she moved from state to state, she made special accommodations to make sure the tree would make the trip. Recently, my sister realized the time for the tree was limited. She has been collecting the seeds the tree has provided and sprouted over a dozen babies, and has additional seeds to plant at any time. Today, she sadly informed me that the tree was gone. This is what she said, “I ceremoniously took it to the compost pile, said I would take good care of it’s children and that it would reincarnate into another lovely plant.” After 12 years of tending to the tree, she said it felt like a friend. My mom and I cried with her. My sister truly has a beautiful love for God’s creation.

I Found God today in my sister’s love for creation.

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