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Comforting Mass Prayers

A couple of weeks ago, a friend’s husband passed away. He participated in the Parkinson’s exercise class that my mom went to before the pandemic. She remembers him as always having a good attitude and bringing laughter to the class. Once he started having physical problems, they seemed to just increase one after the other, each with more pain and no relief. When I think about him now, I see him smiling, relaxed, and at peace. I set up a Mass to be said for his soul and sent the card to my friend. We received a beautiful thank you card from her that was made of 2 photographs that her husband had taken. One was dozens of rosaries hanging down and was titled, “After the Pilgrimage”. In the card, my friend thanked us and said she was comforted that Masses will be prayed for him in different parts of the country. My mom and I were deeply moved.

I Found God today in comfort received through Mass prayers.

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