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Our Different Thanksgiving

We had been thinking, praying, talking, and deciding how to spend Thanksgiving safely this year with the desire to see family – just like every other family in the country. Both my sisters and brother-in-law work from home and have very little contact with other people, so we decided that we could get together pretty safely by doing things a little differently. One sister cooked the turkey completely, waited for it to cool, cut it up, and packed it up. Each of us had our dishes completely ready to serve or in individual containers when they arrived at the house. My sisters and brother-in-law stayed in the kitchen while my parents had the rest of the house. We all wore our masks, except when we ate. The day was a lovely dance as we all gave each other plenty of space. We weren’t all gathered around the same table, but enjoyed the food and the company just the same. After dinner, we got on Zoom with the whole family for a while. Later, instead of having friends over to make Christmas wreaths, my sisters and I worked out in the garage to put some together. The day was summed up as my dad added an impromptu prayer after grace and thanked God for our family. Thanksgiving was different, but still a tremendous blessing.

I Found God today blessed with family.

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