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Computer Guys

Last week some time, my dad started having trouble getting into his email inbox on his big computer which is named the “Big Mac”. I don’t use Apple products and was of no help at all, though I tried to troubleshoot with the little knowledge I have. Both brothers are out of state, but one did try to help over Facetime with no success. I can easily get overwhelmed feeling that I have to try to solve all problems here on my own – especially with the pandemic and trying to keep contact with others down to a minimum. Today, my other brother called who has been pondering the email situation. He figured out a way to take control of my dad’s computer from afar and worked through the troubles. After about an hour and a half of tedious work, he got the issue corrected. I learned more about the computer and how to potentially fix it if the same problem happens again. My dad and I were so grateful for the time and the help that my brother provided.

I Found God today in my brother’s generosity.

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