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Preparing the Way

Once again this year we were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine and mild temperatures to begin decorating for Christmas. My dad and I put the lights on the bushes and bows on the lights and railing. I did some more work on the wreaths. And it seemed fitting to turn on some Christmas music. We had been looking for an opportunity to go to Confession and today also was a good opportunity to do so. We actually got to the church half an hour early – the website had an incorrect time – but that worked out fine. There were other people there in line already, but only a few. It felt good to actually be in the church. We have been celebrating Mass via the internet for months now and have gotten into a good prayerful habit. But there is a bigger sense of holiness in the church that can’t be replicated. I feel ready for the first week of Advent. The outside of the house is near completion and on the inside my soul has been washed clean.

I Found God today preparing for Advent.

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