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Most Real

My parents and I listened to a very powerful and relevant homily today. The priest talked about how easily we are distracted by things that are “less real” substituting for things that are “most real”. He used our computers for example – specifically our phones. Sometimes when we are visiting with other people in real life, we are drawn to look at our phones to check email, social media, or whatever. We have less real relationships with others on our phones than with the people who are right in front of us, yet we are pulled to it. So it is with God. The things of this world – our jobs, chores, hobbies, worries, desires, even the people in our lives – are less real than God who was, is, and will be forever. He is our Creator. Yet, we can spend an entire day being so preoccupied with our daily life that we don’t even think about God. Worse yet, some may spend their entire lives looking to every avenue for fulfillment without ever acknowledging Him. The priest challenged everyone to begin to pray daily, even if only for 5 minutes. If you are already praying, try extending that time. It is the most important thing to do to tap into the reality of who God is, who we will all meet at the end of our short lives.

I Found God today realizing God is the “most real”.

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