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Online Class Struggles

Tonight when I connected online with my Bible class teacher, I noticed that the color was off from previous classes. Everything had a yellowish, greenish tint to it. She asked if everyone could see her and hear her. She explained that her computer crashed and she was working with a loaner. When she saw more students arriving at the session, she was unable to let them in until she got out herself and let them enter. Then it took a while for her to re-enter. When she was ready to start teaching, she was unable to mute everyone. There were glitches throughout the first hour of the two-hour class. She apologized and expressed her frustration, but she kept on teaching with vim and vigor. Her faith and love for God and His Word is always evident and tonight was no exception. Even though she struggled with unexpected set-backs, she pushed through them and was still able to deliver God’s message of comfort and love.

I Found God today in my teacher’s real faith and perseverance.

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