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Interesting In Common

I drove the Blazer to pick up my groceries today since the side roads were pretty icy. I recognized the gentleman who brought my order out to the car. He seemed to recognize me as well as he greeted me and started loading the back of the vehicle. He saw the “I’d rather be at the cabin” bumper sticker and asked where the cabin was. I gave him the general answer I always do explaining the neighboring city. He said he knew the area pretty well. Then he went on to tell me that the currently operating gold mine nearby used to belong to his family in past generations. I knew a bit about the gold mine – enough to carry on a conversation. It was very interesting to hear his families’ experience in the industry. Unfortunately, the family no longer has a part in the gold mine, which is very lucrative right now. It was a simple, interesting conversation with a fellow human being that I didn’t know, but it brightened my day.

I Found God today talking with a person I didn’t know.

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