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Peaceful Fresh Snow

After a frigid couple of days, it was wonderful to open the blinds and feel the warmth of the sunshine. Once the temperature increased to 20 degrees, I decided it was time to shovel. When I had my dog, I was used to putting on all my layers and venturing out in the cold, but now it is only for “special occasions” like shoveling. After bundling up, I went out and discovered that our neighbor had already cleared our mutual sidewalk. I shoveled our porch and in front of the garage door. The snow was so light and fluffy, it didn’t take very long. Not wanting to waste all my bundling time, I decided to take a little walk. There wasn’t much activity and much of my path was untrodden. The sky was blue, the snow was white, the mountains were gorgeous, and the air was crisp. It was a peaceful, beautiful few minutes.

I Found God today in the peace of crisp air and fresh snow.

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