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Greeted by the Dogs

When we look outside the window from the dining room, we have a view of a particular house. The people who live there own 3 dogs. The youngest one is barely a year old. It has been fun to see her grow from a puppy and it’s entertaining when the people have all the dogs outside. I have met the friendly dogs and people a couple of times. Today when I was out for a walk, I happened to be going right by the house when the young man arrived back home. When he got out of the car, all the dogs ran out to greet him with joy. Then they spotted me. I guess their joy was overflowing as they ran to greet me too. Knowing their temperament, I joined in the excitement and gave them some pets. I remembered when I was taking some Youth Ministry training, one of the presenters said that we should greet everyone who walks into the room like our dogs greet us – with complete unconditional love. That is certainly what these dogs were doing.

I Found God today in loving dogs greetings.

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