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Caring Dad

My sister came over today so I took the opportunity to make a Target run and stock up. Every time I go into a store I look through the bras to see if there is one that will work for my mom. It’s hard for her especially since the straps go right over her pacemaker. As I was perusing, I noticed a young woman and a man looking through them as well. I didn’t think much of it until I heard their conversation. It was a little awkward as the man seemed to not know exactly what size or kind was needed. Then the girl said, “This is the hardest part about being a girl.” The man responded quietly, “This is the hardest part about being a dad.” She confirmed the relationship by calling him “dad” a couple moments later. I thought that was such a sweet thing for the dad to be doing for and with his daughter. When I left the store, before I pulled away, I realized they were parked right in front of me. The dad opened the car door for his daughter and closed it after her. Then he went around to the drivers side on got in. This dad seemed to be doing a great job of teaching his daughter that she should be treated with kindness and respect, particularly by other men.

I Found God today in a caring dad teaching his daughter how to be valued.

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