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It’s About Love

We participated in our local church’s Good Friday service online tonight. The priest talked about the word love. In the Greek language there are several words for “love” characterizing the kind and depth of the emotion. At the highest sense, love isn’t necessarily an emotion, but a choice. “Agape” love is about desiring the best for the other person. That is the kind of love that Jesus Christ emulated when He went through His agony, suffering, crucifixion, and death. All for our benefit – for our salvation. I thought about where I encountered love today. I found love in my son who came over and visited with my parents for a while as I got a haircut. I found love in my dad who printed and framed a large photo for my son that he wanted. I found love in my hairdresser who said she would pray for my parents and me. I found love in the hundreds of people who we saw that had attended the church service in person. Love, like God, is everywhere if only we are willing to see it.

I Found God today in love.

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