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Adventure of a Day

Both my mom and dad had an appointment with their cardiologist this morning. After breakfast I loaded up two walkers and two parents and headed out for our adventure. We parked in the closest place we could find which was a handicapped spot near the entrance. Never the less, it was quite a long walk in our follow the leader fashion that included 2 elevator rides. The cardiologist was an NP who worked with their regular doctor. We had never seen him before and he had quite a heavy European accent. That added to the adventure. He was super nice and offered suggestions, but he said for the most part both parents were looking pretty good and to keep doing what we’re doing. It was nice to have additional encouragement. Once the appointment was finished, we headed back to the car in the same manner, but we took some time to admire the large canvas prints that were scattered throughout the building. Once we were settled back in the car, I ordered lunch and picked it up on the way home. It was quite an adventure.

I Found God today in a positive appointment and an adventure of a day.

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