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Funny Baby Photo

My mom is still very committed to attending her online exercise classes twice a week. They are in real time with some of the people she used to exercise with in person before the pandemic. The group is connected to the college and includes interns who are furthering their education in the medical field. After the hour long exercise session, they have a social time, usually led by one of the interns. Many of them are getting ready to graduate, so this week is the last time we will see them. One of the young women thought it would be a fun activity to have each person send in a baby picture and everyone could guess who they were. My mom didn’t have any pictures of her as a baby. But, many years ago, she and my dad were invited to a party with the same kind of theme. At that time, my dad took a picture of my mom and himself, cut out the head and pasted it onto a generic baby picture, then took a picture of that. My mom thought it would be funny to use that for her class. When the photo came up, everyone in the class was confused and laughing as they saw an adult head on a baby’s body. It didn’t take too long to recognize my mom, though, and she told the story. It was great fun.

I Found God today in laughter.

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