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Uninhibited Play

It was finally a beautiful warm sunny day. So I packed up lunch and we went to the park. This particular park had an area of fountains and water sprays for the kids to splash around and run through. After we ate our lunch, we took a little stroll through the playground and got in the middle of the activity. My dad especially enjoyed watching the teepee shaped merry go round as the kids climbed up and down as they spun round and round. When we reached the water park, I warned my mom she may want to move to the other side of the walkway as a child was having fun with a giant squirter. She said she didn’t mind getting wet. She almost did, but was just out of reach. We had a nice picnic lunch, a nice walk, and really enjoyed watching the uninhibited play of the kids.

I Found God today in the uninhibited play of children.

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