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Just Grateful

I spent today feeling very grateful for many people and circumstances. My two sisters and brother were here at the house taking care of things while I was away for a few days. One sister stayed the entire time and left this afternoon. I was so grateful for the time that they took to allow me to take a break. I was grateful that all went well while I was gone. I was grateful to be home with my parents again. I was grateful thinking about the time I spent with my sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. This afternoon a neighbor came over to give us an update on the important happenings in the community. I was grateful for him and the other caring neighbors that are here. When it cooled off this evening, we took a walk. I was grateful for the cool breeze and the sight and smell of the flowers along the way. Perhaps it seems cliché, but I really did find myself just being grateful today.

I Found God today being grateful for many people and circumstances.

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