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Finally Seeing Better

My mom has been struggling trying to read her piano music for a long time now. Finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to order her new glasses and were excited to pick them up today. We brought some piano music with us to test them out. She put them on and held up the music at the appropriate distance. She was in awe that she could easily make out the notes on the lines or in the spaces. When we got home, she put her music on the piano, put her new glasses on, and sat down to play. They worked great. Seeing better alleviated some of the frustration she feels as she continues doing what she loves to do. She said that the only bad thing is that now her mistakes are actually hers – she can’t blame it on not seeing well. I am so happy that she can see better and can enjoy playing a little bit more.

I Found God today knowing that my mom can see better to enjoy playing the piano more.

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