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Funny Dog Sitter

This evening as we headed out for a walk, we were met by a little barking ball of white fluff. The neighbor was walking her daughter’s dog who she was sitting for. She had a retractable leash on the dog, but didn’t know how to use it and the leash was locked with a very long lead. It was pretty funny to see as she laughingly tried to reign him in with the leash in one hand and a drink in the other. I taught her how to use the leash and she got it shortened just in time for another dog to come around the corner. The little dog started barking again and darted between my neighbor’s legs. Once she got untangled, she set off again trying to navigate the leash. She went the long way around the neighborhood and we went the short way. We met again as we neared the house. The dog was running and my neighbor was trying to keep up. But, this time, she picked the dog up and brought him over to say hello. She finally had control. The little dog was very friendly and we enjoyed giving him some petting. The whole scenario was hysterical.

I Found God today in laughter.

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