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Puzzles and More

I’m grateful we had another year of father’s day celebrating with my dad. Yesterday my sister and her husband came over for a bit. While they were here, my dad received a package from my brother. Once we connected on FaceTime, my dad opened his gift. It was a puzzle of the planets and a box of puzzle cubes called Shashibo. The cubes were held together by magnets and come apart at some intersections. Then they could be folded. It’s hard to explain but they are fascinating and have kept us all busy trying to figure them out. This morning we started out with a delicious brunch that my other sister and I prepared. My son came over bearing gifts of Starbucks just on time as the Keurig stopped working. I went to church and brought back Holy Communion. During family Zoom, my dad opened a sweet card that was mailed by my nephew and his wife. Yesterday, he wanted ribs and corn on the cob for dinner, so that’s what we made. Later we went out and had fun at a self serve frozen yogurt place. And finally, we watched an episode of the original Star Trek – a favorite of my dad’s. There was a lot of activity packed into two days as we all tried to celebrate my dad best we could.

I Found God today celebrating my dad on Father’s Day.

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