St. John’s Cave

Many years ago I worked for St John the Evangelist parish. There I met some of the most amazing, faithful, and caring people. Many of them are still friends and we continue to stay in touch. That in itself is a blessing. Today, a friend sent me a picture of the shrine to St John the Evangelist in the location where it is believed he wrote the book of Revelation. My friend was on vacation on the Island of Patmos. I was so happy that she thought of me and our St. John’s connection. And as a bonus, I now have a great visual reference as I will be studying the book of Revelation later this year.

I Found God today grateful that my friend shared a holy place with me.

2 comments on “St. John’s Cave

  1. Got this and glad we are friends! My son and family are with us now from the Springs (well, Fountain!) and so good to read this. We are reading the Bible every day with Fr. Mike Schmitz, are you?


    • Thank you Nancee! No, I’m not doing the one with Fr. Schmitz right now, but I’ve heard it’s great. I’m currently in my 4th and last year of a Bible course through the lay division of St. John Vianney seminary in Denver. Loving it! Enjoy your family! Peace.


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