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Our COVID Story

It all started a little over 2 weeks ago when we found out the facility that my dad is in had a couple cases of COVID-19. They were no longer allowing indoor visits, but we were happy to visit outside still masked, of course. We were also happy that we had all been vaccinated. After only a couple of days, we noticed my dad had a cough and was super tired. Sure enough, his rapid test came back positive. His PCP called and said they would be able to give him the monoclonal antibody injection if we desired. After a resounding, “yes please!” he received the treatment the next day. My dad then faced a minimum 10 day quarantine. If he wandered out of his room, the caregivers would walk him outside a bit, then bring him back. They did give him things to do and we sent a care package as well. I spoke to a nurse, caregiver, or the executive director himself daily. Evidently my dad decided to sleep if off as that’s how he spent much of his time. Meanwhile, my mom and I had our own concerns having been in direct contact with my dad. The day I found out he tested positive, I wasn’t feeling too well myself. So, my mom and I got tested. The results were negative. We still laid low and I still didn’t feel too great. I had a sore throat, headache, fatigue, and would get a slight fever in the afternoon. My mom had a bit of a cough and chills. After 5 days, I thought it best to get tested again. Those came back negative as well. We were very grateful for that. Today, after almost 2 weeks, we were able to go visit my dad outside again. He was thinner, weaker, and still had a bit of a cough. But he was in good spirits. He realized he hadn’t been feeling well, but said he was doing better. He said the people there were being very good to him. It was great to actually see him and hug him. While there, I talked to one of the staff who talked about going to church and praying about the situation. We discussed how much – or how little – control we actually have. I feel blessed that God brought us to this place.

I Found God today being able to see my dad after quarantine.

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